Staff Main

The Main tab in the Staff record serves two purposes: to record demographic information (such as date of birth, sex, race, ethnicity and language) and to reflect employment history (including transition, termination and rehire).

Record demographic details in the provided fields and click ‘OK’ to save.

staff mainThe Employment History grid may be updated in two ways; first, to terminate a current staff member, click ‘Select’ to the right of the employment record. Record transition/termination date, reason and notes and click ‘OK’ to save.

terminatingThe Employment History grid will update with the termination date and note. When a previously-vacant Head Start position has been filled, users will need to return to the terminated employee’s record to check the ‘Position Replaced Mid-Year’ checkbox. This information is especially important for the yearly PIR (Program Information Report) that is submited to the Office of Head Start.

To add an employment record, click the ‘Add Employment History’ button. Hiring information, such as location, hire date, title, type (including contractor, paid employee and volunteer) and status can be recorded.

If the new employment record is for a Head Start position, select the ‘Head Start Staff’ and ‘Fulfilling Vacant Position’ checkboxes where relevant.  Depending on the title and status selected, additional checkboxes will appear to indicate if this position is filling a vacancy of more than 3 months or if this position has a family caseload.

add employment record

Click ‘OK’ to save the new employment record. The new employment record will display in the Employment History grid for the staff member.

employment history with new role