Targeted Technical Assistance (TA)

ChildWare users receive comprehensive, ongoing Technical Assistance.

ChildWare users have unlimited access to a range of technical supports to help them fully utilize the system, whether they’ve been using ChildWare for 6 weeks or 6 years. Technical assistance usually takes the following forms:

ImpPlan    IMPLEMENTATION PLANNING: The ChildWare Team works with providers to identify their priorities, understand their processes, and develop a plan for integrating ChildWare into center operations. As needs change, the ChildWare Team helps providers adjust their plans accordingly.
training TRAINING: Each new provider receives customized training sessions designed to address areas identified as implementation priorities. Group training webinars are also offered periodically.
syssetup SYSTEM SETUP: The ChildWare Team handles all aspects of system setup, customizing schedules, care types, sites, classrooms, tuition rates, subsidy programs and meals to provider specifications.
livehelp LIVE TECHNICAL SUPPORT: The ChildWare Team provides users with troubleshooting and technical assistance during general business hours. Contact the Helpdesk by emailing