PHL PreK Users

The following resources have been compiled to help accomplish PHL PreK-specific tasks in ChildWare (PDF viewer is required, and links open in new window):

ChildWare 2.0 Documentation

Intro to ChildWare 2.0
Documentation Uploads 2.0
Documentation for December 2021 Updates to ChildWare 2.0
Entering, Applying, and Enrolling a Child in ChildWare 2.0
Attendance Tracking, Attendance Reports, Site Closures, and Exploring Exports in ChildWare 2.0

Attendance Tracking, Attendance Reports

Site Closures

  • See December 2021 section for a tip sheet and video on calendar management

Exploring Exports

Child Record, Assessment, Screenings, IEP Entry, CCW Note, and Kindergarten Transition Notes in ChildWare 2.0

Child Record

Developmental Screening

Developmental Outcomes Assessment


CCW Note

Kindergarten Transition Note

Staff Records – Editing, Managing, and Discharging in ChildWare 2.0
Discharging Children and Re-enrolling Returning Children in ChildWare 2.0
Agency Documentation:
Support for ChildWare 2.0 Users 
ChildWare 2.0 Newsletter


ChildWare 1.0 Demo

ChildWare 1.0: Child Information:

ChildWare 1.0 User Management:
ChildWare 1.0 Training Sessions:
Childware 1.0 Videos: