PHL PreK Users

The following resources have been compiled to help accomplish PHL PreK-specific tasks in ChildWare (PDF viewer is required, and links open in new window):

ChildWare 2.0 Documentation

Clearing Your Chrome History

Clearing your history in Chrome

New Features in ChildWare – December

New Features in ChildWare for Providers

Changing a Child to Virtual Status

Tagging A Child as a Virtual Learner

Adding CCW and IEP

Adding CCW to a child’s record
Entering an IEP on a child’s record

New Features in ChildWare – Summer

New Features in ChildWare  Summer 2020
New Features in ChildWare Summer  2.0 Webinar

Documentation Uploads 2.0

ChildWare 2_PhlpreK Document Uploads
ChildWare 2.0 Document Uploads Webinar Recording

Site Closures
Updating a Caregiver’s Contact Information
Agency Documentation:

Changing a Child’s Classroom

Changing a Pre-Enrolled Child’s Classroom
Changing a Pre-Enrolled Child’s Classroom Video

Child Record:
Developmental Screening/Outcomes Assessment:
Discharging all children at the end of the PHLpreK program and re-enrolling returning children for next PHLpreK program year
Kindergarten Transition:
Using Filters and Query:
ChildWare 2.0 Videos:
ChildWare 2.0 Newsletter


ChildWare 1.0 Demo

Using the Document Center   
Uploading Documents Webinar

Attendance & Time Tracker Guide

PHLpreK Required Child Data Instructions

ChildWare 1.0: Child Information:

ChildWare 1.0 User Management:
ChildWare 1.0 Training Sessions:
Childware 1.0 Videos: