Staff Documents (ChildWare PLUS)

Note: The Staff Documents tab will only appear for agencies subscribed to ChildWare PLUS. To learn more about the additional system features available through an expanded subscription, visit the ChildWare PLUS page.

To quickly view and add a variety of documents for each employee, navigate to the Documents tab. This tab compiles documents uploaded here and on several other tabs in the staff member’s record.

From the Documents tab you can:

  • add a new document (using the ‘Add Staff Document’ button); and
  • print a report of all employee documents (using the ‘Print Document List’ button).

staff document tabThe Document Type menu contains many options listed in alphabetical order to help find the document you want to add. After selecting a document type, upload your document (see instructions for uploading files here).

documentation type menu

Press ‘OK’ to save the new document.

The Documents tab also allows you to print a report of all saved documents for a staff member with the ‘Print Document List’ button. The report will open as a new tab or window in your browser and can be reviewed or printed, as needed.