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Family Need Identified


  • Date: Date the parent/guardian expressed an interest or identified a need for a particular service. This defaults to today’s date so be sure to update it if you are entering an event a few days later.
  • Staff: Select the staff person who will make a referral or deliver the service.
  • Service Type: Select the type of service the parent/guardian is interested in or may need. Options are:
    • Adult education such as GED programs and college selection
    • Asset building services (such as financial education, opening savings and checking accounts, debt counseling, etc.)
    • Assistance to families of incarcerated individuals
    • Child abuse and neglect services
    • Domestic violence assistance
    • Emergency/crisis intervention such as meeting immediate needs for food, clothing or shelter
    • English as a Second Language (ESL) training
    • Health education
    • Housing assistance such as subsidies, utilities, repairs, etc.
    • Job training
    • Mental health services
    • Parenting education
    • Relationship/marriage education
    • Substance abuse treatment
  • Referral Date: If the service will occur outside of your program, enter the date the referral was made.
  • Referred To: Enter the individual or organization where the parent/guardian was referred.
  • Services Received?: If the referral or identified need resulted in the family/individual receiving services, check this box.
  • Note: Enter specific details here about the identified need, referral and service delivered.

*Only family need identified events designated on primary and secondary contacts only will be included in the count under the Family Services section of the PIR (C.50).

Contact Events

Contact events help monitor who attended parent involvement events, volunteered with your program, expressed an interest or need, and received services. This information is important for Head Start programs to ensure compliance with Head Start standards.

Contact events are located on the contact record on the Events tab.


ContactEventsContact event types include:

  • Family Need Identified
  • Father Involvement Event
  • General Family Event
  • Volunteering

NOTE: Events stored on the primary and secondary contacts will be the only events tracked on PIR reporting. Primary contact and secondary contact designation is specified on each child’s relationship tab (primary contact = head of household).