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Family Need Identified


  • Date: Date the parent/guardian expressed an interest or identified a need for a particular service. This defaults to today’s date so be sure to update it if you are entering an event a few days later.
  • Staff: Select the staff person who will make a referral or deliver the service.
  • Service Type: Select the type of service the parent/guardian is interested in or may need. Options are:
    • Adult education such as GED programs and college selection
    • Asset building services (such as financial education, opening savings and checking accounts, debt counseling, etc.)
    • Assistance to families of incarcerated individuals
    • Child abuse and neglect services
    • Domestic violence assistance
    • Emergency/crisis intervention such as meeting immediate needs for food, clothing or shelter
    • English as a Second Language (ESL) training
    • Health education
    • Housing assistance such as subsidies, utilities, repairs, etc.
    • Job training
    • Mental health services
    • Parenting education
    • Relationship/marriage education
    • Substance abuse treatment
  • Referral Date: If the service will occur outside of your program, enter the date the referral was made.
  • Referred To: Enter the individual or organization where the parent/guardian was referred.
  • Services Received?: If the referral or identified need resulted in the family/individual receiving services, check this box.
  • Note: Enter specific details here about the identified need, referral and service delivered.

*Only family need identified events designated on primary and secondary contacts only will be included in the count under the Family Services section of the PIR (C.50).