Verbal Request for Release of Child


  • Date: Date the request was made. This defaults to today’s date so be sure to update it if you are entering an event a few days later.
  • Time: Time the verbal request was made.
  • Requesting Parent: Name of the parent/guardian that made the request.
  • Phone Number Parent Called From: DPW requires that you request the number from which the parent is calling to make the verbal request. You can leave this blank if the parent made the request in person instead of on the phone.
  • Individual to Whom Child Should be Released: Name of the person that the parent/guardian is authorizing to pick up the child
  • Staff Taking Call: Name of the staff person who took the verbal request. The staff person must be entered into ChildWare  in order to appear on the drop-down list.
  • Confirmation Date: Date the request was confirmed(DPW requires that all verbal requests for children to be released be confirmed with the enrolling parent)
  • Confirmation Time: Time the request was confirmed.
  • Parent Confirming: Name of the enrolling parent/guardian making the confirmation.
  • Staff Confirming: Name of the staff person confirming the request.
  • Staff Releasing Child: Name of the staff person that actually handed the child over to the authorized individual.
  • Release Date: Date the child was handed over to the authorized individual.
  • ID Checked: Confirm that the individual’s identification was checked and note the type of ID used.
  • Note: Additional details can be entered here.