Customized Event Reminders

ChildWare enables you to keep a record of important events for each child such as parent conferences, observations, and early intervention. Some of these events might require follow-up at a later date and you can use ChildWare to set a reminder for you or a member of your staff.

Reminders will appear on your homepage just above the To-Do List on whatever date you specify. It will remain there until you mark it as complete. You can also request that ChildWare send an email reminder to yourself or a colleague on the specified date.ReminderHome

1. Creating a Reminder


1 On the “Events” Tab, fill in the event information and select the date to be reminded to follow up on this event.

2 You can include information about what exactly needs to be completed.

3 Select the staff member who should be reminded to follow up. This could be you or you can assign it to another staff member. The dropdown list will only include staff that have system user accounts in ChildWare.

4  Check this box if you want ChildWare to send an email reminder to the user specified in Step 3. The email will be sent to the address listed on the staff member’s user account.

2. Dismissing a Reminder


1 To mark a follow-up item as complete, go to Events tab on the child’s record and check ‘Action Complete’.

3. Reminder Reports

You can use event reports to get data on reminders.


1 There are two event reports: ‘Events by Child’ and ‘Events by Type’.

2 Both reports have the same filters. You can filter by site, date, event type, child, or classroom.

3.a. Events by Child Report


Events are grouped by child and sorted by event date, from most recent to oldest. The report shows which events have reminders and whether or not the follow-up actions from the reminders have been completed.

 3.b. Events by Type Report


Events are grouped by event type and sorted alphabetically by child’s last name. This report also indicates which events have reminders and whether or not the follow-up actions from the reminders have been completed.