Child Events & Case Notes

The Events and Case Notes tab provides a place to track information you want to keep as part of the child’s record. There are multiple types of both Case Notes and Events. For both Events and Case Notes you can set optional reminders to follow up on a particular issue.

From the Events and Case Notes tab you can view, search, add, or edit Events and/or Case Notes. You can also:

  • View Case Notes or Events only
  • View only specific types of Case Notes or Events
  • View Case Notes and Events for a specific date range
  • Search the text of all Case Notes and Events to find what you’re looking for.
  • Print a list of the Events or Case Notes displayed on the screen


What’s the difference between a Case Note and an Event?

Case Notes are more general and brief, whereas events are more specific and detailed. Many events automatically feed into reports and the To-Do list whereas Case Notes do not.