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Adding a New Child

To add a new child to the system, click the ‘Add Child’ button. You will be brought to the Child Add Form. The form collects data on two tabs: one labeled “Main”, the other labeled “Head Start”.

add child

The Main screen is where baseline information for each child is entered, such as the child’s first and last name, date of birth, gender, primary contact, referral date, expected enrollment schedule, classroom and care level.

add child_main

In the Primary Contact Information section of the Main screen, there is the option to connect the child to a new family or to an existing family within the system. Selecting the Existing Family option will prompt all existing contacts within the system to appear in the Billing Contact menu, where an existing contact or guardian can be chosen.

main tab_existing family

If your site offers Head Start programming, the Head Start begin date and funder should be completed on the Main tab and Head Start Eligibility information should be completed on the Head Start tab to save the child’s profile.

add child_head start

Save the child’s record by clicking ‘OK’. If any required fields are accidentally left blank, the system will identify all required fields with a red asterisk. After saving this record, the information entered in the Child Add Form will be distributed throughout a series of new tabs on the full child’s record. You can add additional information not available on the Child Add Form, or click ‘OK’ to return to Child Data.

saving new child


Customized Referral Sources

You can use ChildWare to track your recruitment efforts in more detail  by using a customized list of referral sources. This way, you’ll be able to get much more specific information about how families heard about your program.


1 Select Agency/Site from the Admin Menu then select the site for which you want to create custom referral sources (If you are a multi-site you can use different sources for different sites).



2 Select the ‘Other’ tab, then click ‘Add Referral Source’.

3 Note that ChildWare already has a list of standard referral sources for you to use. These cannot be edited.



4 On the next screen, enter the name of the new referral source in the ‘Source’ field and click “OK” to save.


5 The new custom referral source will now show up in the list of Referral Sources.

6 It will also be included in the drop-down list of Referral Sources on the ‘Add Child’ and ‘Referral/Enrollment’ screens.