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Customized Referral Sources

You can use ChildWare to track your recruitment efforts in more detail  by using a customized list of referral sources. This way, you’ll be able to get much more specific information about how families heard about your program.


1 Select Agency/Site from the Admin Menu then select the site for which you want to create custom referral sources (If you are a multi-site you can use different sources for different sites).



2 Select the ‘Other’ tab, then click ‘Add Referral Source’.

3 Note that ChildWare already has a list of standard referral sources for you to use. These cannot be edited.



4 On the next screen, enter the name of the new referral source in the ‘Source’ field and click “OK” to save.


5 The new custom referral source will now show up in the list of Referral Sources.

6 It will also be included in the drop-down list of Referral Sources on the ‘Add Child’ and ‘Referral/Enrollment’ screens.