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Case Notes and Events

In Summer of 2014, we introduced Case Notes on the Child Record to provide a place for tracking general comments that you want to maintain as part of the child’s file. Part of the reason we created Case Notes was to provide an alternative to creating an Event for what was really a note. Although our initial plan was to separate Events and Case Notes, feedback from our users indicated that the two were and probably should remain linked in some meaningful way. The result is the new Events & Case Notes Tab. We also added the ability to categorize Case Notes to make them easier to manage.


On a single screen you can view, search, add, or edit Events and/or Case Notes. You can also:

  • View Case Notes or Events only
  • View only specific types of Case Notes or Events
  • View Case Notes and Events for a specific date range
  • Search the text of all Case Notes and Events to find what you’re looking for.


Case Note Types
  • Administrative
  • Attendance
  • Family
  • Fees/Payment
  • General
  • Health
  • Observation
  • Recruitment