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Documents (ChildWare PLUS)

Note: The Documents tab will only appear for agencies subscribed to ChildWare PLUS. To learn more about the additional system features available through an expanded subscription, visit the ChildWare PLUS page.

To quickly view and add a large variety of documents for each child record, navigate to the Documents tab. This tab compiles documents uploaded here and on several other tabs on the child’s record. Please note: anywhere you see a document icon, as with the Admin tab, you can retrieve or upload documents.

admin tab

From the Documents tab you can:

  • add a new document (using the ‘Add Child Document’ button); and
  • print a report of all documents for a child (using the ‘Print Document List’ button)

documents tab

To view or add a comment to an existing document, click ‘Select’ next to the document you would like to edit.

add comment to existing document

You can to view the uploaded document by clicking ‘View Document’ or record a comment for this document. Remember to press ‘OK’ if you’ve added a comment in the text field.

existing document_add comment_view_document

While in the Documents tab, you may also want to upload a new document using the ‘Add Child Document’ button.

add child document

The Document Type menu contains many options listed in alphabetical order to help find the document you want to add. Single data fields, such as the Child Service Agreement, do not require further specification. Data found in grids, such as General Health Assessments, will require you to select the specific health assessment. After selecting a document type, upload your document (see instructions for uploading files here).

selecting document type

additional fields to select assessment_adding child document

uploading document

Press ‘OK’ when you are ready to save the new document.

The Documents tab allows you to print a report of all saved documents for a child with the ‘Print Document List’ button. The report will open as a new tab or window in your browser and can be reviewed or printed, as needed.

print document list

document list

Parent Portal

What is the Parent Portal?
Parent Portal Guide


The Parent Portal is currently in Beta Testing. Once testing is complete, the guide will be uploaded to the website.

The Parent Portal is a secure site where parents can log in to ChildWare to review and update information on themselves and their children. The Portal makes it easier for providers and families to share information and communicate more effectively. In addition to providing secure data access, the portal also enables new and current families to enroll children online and allows providers to email parents directly from ChildWare.

The Parent Portal is currently in beta testing. Current users wishing to join the beta test group should call or email us to get started.