ChildWare PLUS

ChildWare PLUS is a higher level option for providers who want to take advantage of the system’s more sophisticated features. Providers using ChildWare PLUS have access to the following features:

attendancekioskATTENDANCE & TIME TRACKER,  a time clock feature with an Attendance Kiosk interface where parents and staff can sign in and out each day. The Attendance & Time Tracker automatically updates the attendance/ meals rosters for children based on sign in and out times and allows for real-time reporting on staff-child ratios.
documentcenterDOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, which enables providers to store PDF files associated with staff and child records in ChildWare. Document types include but are not limited to health assessment forms, transcripts, and clearances. Documents are accessible through individual staff and child records or from the Document Center.



ChildWare PLUS users pay a slightly higher fee to cover the additional training, technical assistance and data storage costs associated with providing these services.