Technical Details

ChildWare’s simple software-as-a-service (SaaS) model makes it easy for childcare providers to implement. The ChildWare Team takes care of all matters related to security, hosting, and data backup. Multiple user access levels allow providers to control staff access to sensitive data.


The ChildWare software is web-based and can be accessed on any computer with a secure internet connection. Internet browsers that work include Microsoft Internet Explorer 10, Mozilla Firefox 20, and Google Chrome 26 or later. For Mac users, we recommend using Safari; the pop-up blocker must be disabled in order to enable printing of reports. Data is stored on PHMC’s servers and backed up daily.  All data is the property of the client and PHMC has no claim to it.


ChildWare is one of several databases developed by the Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC). All databases produced by PHMC meet HIPAA regulations for data security. Data is stored on PHMC’s servers which are housed in a high-security climate-controlled facility. Data backups are performed nightly and saved backups are periodically transferred to safety deposit boxes. All data is the property of the client and PHMC has no claim to it. Upon termination of the licensing agreement, PHMC will provide electronic copies of stored data in an easily convertible format such as csv.


ChildWare offers several options for user access levels which help our clients monitor which staff have access to specific data. Specific fields such as social security numbers can be hidden for specified users to further ensure internal security at your child care center.