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Child Main

The Child Main tab provides a place to record basic information about a child, including details on birth date, DOB verification, race & ethnicity and the languages spoken at home. This tab also houses the Referral/Enrollment History grid, where each enrollment record for the child is accessible.

child mainAside from capturing DOB, race, ethnicity and language information for a child here, the Main tab also serves as the place in the system to upload a photo for the child. To add a child photo, click the ‘Choose File’ button under the Photo box.

choose file to add child photoSelect the image file that you would like to use for this child’s photo.

selecting file for child photoBefore the photo can be uploaded to the Main tab, you will need to crop the photo into a square. Drag your cursor over the portion of the photo that you want to include in the image. Then, press ‘Crop & Save’.

crop and save child photoWhen you are ready to save all of your changes to this child’s Main tab, press ‘OK’.

save changes to main tab