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The last tab available within the Child Record is the Log, which captures and displays the history of updates made to the child’s data in ChildWare. Please note: not all changes to the record are recorded in the log. If you subscribe to ChildWare PLUS, you will also have an attendance log which records arrival and departure times for the child. Click here to view the full Attendance and Time Tracker tutorial.

log tab

This tab is especially helpful to investigate the details of an update or deletion to the child’s record. The grid display includes:

  • the type of change that occurred (either ‘Update’ or ‘Delete’);
  • the tab and field which was changed;
  • the old and new value of the field that was changed;
  • the date that the change occurred; and
  • the user who made the change

The Log tab can also be a powerful training tool to identify any users that may need support or clarification  on system modules, especially if patterns of mistaken updates/deletions start to occur.

Why Can’t I Delete This Child’s Record From the System?

Would you believe us if we said that deleting a child’s record causes a rip in the space/time continuum?

Yea, we wouldn’t believe us either, but it can cause some pretty big problems in the system. Each child’s record is connected to multiple points in the system and deleting the record without first removing those connections causes data errors. There is really no reason to delete a child’s record. If they are no longer at your center, you can discharge them. If they did not actually enroll in your center, you can set their status to “Did Not Enroll”.

If you have duplicate records and you’d like to delete one, email us at childware@phmc.org  and we’ll gladly delete the child’s record (and all the associated connections) for you.