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The Financial tab enables users to review and record financial transactions for each child. The tab includes a Financial History grid that displays all billing and payment transactions for the child. A billing transaction will appear in the Financial History grid when family billing has been processed (accessible via Billing on the main menu).

The Balances bar that displays across the child record reflects both the child balance and the family balance. Family balance is the sum of all child balances for the primary billing contact. For sites requiring deposits, deposit charge and balance on file are also included in the Balances bar.

Individual financial transactions can be recorded using the ‘Add Financial Transaction’ button, invoices can be produced using the ‘Print Invoice’ button and the financial history may be printed or exported using the ‘Print/Export List’ button.

financial tab

Record a new transaction using the ‘Add Financial Transaction’ button.  Fields appear to document transaction category (payment/credit, charge or transfer), transaction type, billing contact, date, amount paid, payment method, receipt number and notes. If no receipt number if entered, the system will generate a unique receipt number once the transaction is saved.

A charge may be added in the event of a deposit requirement, field trip, late fee or refund, for example.

Click ‘OK’ to save the transaction.

add transaction

Click the ‘Print Receipt’ button to produce a paper receipt for the transaction.

payment receipt

Click ‘Select’ to the right of a transaction in the Financial History grid to review its details. To correct an error in a recorded transaction, make your changes and click ‘OK’ for the update to be reflected in the Financial History grid.

select transaction

To print an invoice for a family, select ‘Date Range’ from the ‘View or Search By’ filter and enter the range in the ‘From’ and ‘To’ fields. Click ‘Search’ to view transactions for this period.

view or search by filter

When the transaction records appear for the date range selected, click ‘Print Invoice’ to produce a family invoice for all billing and payment transactions for that period. The invoice will include starting balance, fees,  payments and ending balance.

search and print invoice

family invoiceUse the ‘Print/Export List’ button to export all transactions in the Financial History grid.

child financial list