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Attendance & Time Tracker Guide

What is the Attendance & Time Tracker?

The Attendance & Time Tracker is a time clock feature that records arrival and departure times for children and staff. By using the new Attendance Kiosk interface, parents and staff can sign in and out of the system each day. It replaces the need for paper sign-in/out sheets for children and paper timesheets for staff. The Attendance & Time Tracker automatically updates the attendance/meals rosters for children, reducing time spent on data entry. For staff, it tracks staff hours and staff/child ratios to ensure your center is in compliance.

How Does It Work?

Both parents and staff are assigned a Personal Identification Number (PIN) in the system. They will use this PIN to sign in and out of the Attendance Kiosk (the kiosk) each day. To set up the kiosk, a member of your staff must login to http://www.childware.org on a computer that is accessible to staff and parents.


  • You will be required to set up Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) for contacts (parents) and staff.
  • PINs can be added, updated and deleted at any time by ChildWare users.
  • If a parent or staff member forgets his/her PIN, you can look up and edit this information in ChildWare.

1.a. Parent/Contact PINs


1 Select ‘PIN Maintenance’ on the Child/Family Menu.


The system will display a list of:

2 All active contacts;

3 All children they are authorized to pick up at any time; and

4Their PINs.

From this screen, you can print a list of all contacts and their PINs.

  • Note that only contacts who have a pickup status of ‘any time’ will be able to sign in/out children via the Attendance Kiosk. Those contacts that have any other pick up status will need to ask a staff member at the site to sign the child in or out on their behalf.
  • The pickup status of a contact can be changed at any time from the Child Record.


5 Click “Select” beside the name of the contact whose PIN you want to add or edit.

6 On the following screen, enter or edit the PIN as needed. Note that the system will record the last time the PIN was altered and by whom.

  • PINs must be 4-10 characters with at least one letter and one digit.
  • Note that the PIN is assigned to the parent and not the child so each contact has their own unique PIN.

 1.b. Staff PINs

Staff PINs function in the same way as Parent/Contact PINs. The only difference is that they are accessed from the Staff Menu item.

2. Kiosk Setup

You will need a computer or tablet at the entrance of your center, or the entrance of each classroom. This device must have reliable internet access. Go to childware.org and click “Login” as you normally would to access Childware.


1 Enter your user name and password as you normally would.

2 Instead of clicking ‘ChildWare’, click ‘Attendance Kiosk.’


3 Users that have access to multiple sites will need to choose a site.  Select the appropriate site from the dropdown list and click ‘Accept Site’. Users that have access to one site will be taken directly to the kiosk.


You are now logged in to the Attendance Kiosk. Unlike other parts of ChildWare the kiosk will not time out and require you to log in again. It can remain open all day while parents and staff are coming and going.

4 If you activate the kiosk before noon, it will default to ‘Sign-In’. If it is activated after noon, ‘Sign-Out’ will be the default. Users can switch between both tabs using the mouse.

5 There are three separate login options:
Parent:  For parents/guardians signing children in or out.
Staff (Child Sign In):  For staff signing children in or out (e.g. staff members who pick up children from school).
Staff Time Clock:  For staff members to track their work hours.

3. Signing In & Out


1 Before noon the kiosk defaults to ‘Sign-In’; after noon ‘Sign-Out’ becomes the default. Users can switch between both tabs using the mouse.

2 There are three separate login options:

Parent:  For parents/guardians signing children in or out

Staff (Child Sign In):  For staff signing children in or out (e.g. staff members who pick up children from school)

Staff Time Clock: For staff members to track their work hours.

Users can use the mouse to select the option that applies to them.

3 For all login options, the process is the same – users enter their PIN, then click “Sign In” or “Sign Out”.

4  The system will display a confirmation message with a time stamp.


5 Neither children nor staff can be signed out unless they first signed in. If they forget to sign in, an authorized staff member will need to manually enter the sign-in time in ChildWare before they can sign out. If that cannot be done immediately, the parent or staff person can sign in and then immediately sign out. The sign-in time can be adjusted later by an authorized user.

6 If an incorrect PIN is entered, kiosk users will get an error message. An authorized staff person may need to look up their PIN or generate a new one for them.

 3.a.  Signing In & Out – Parents/Contacts


1 After a parent or contact has entered their PIN and logged in,  the system will display a list of all children that they are authorized to pick up at ‘Any Time’. The grid includes a Status column so the parent will know if each child has been signed in yet. All the parent has to do is check off the children they are dropping off (or picking up) and click Sign In (or Sign Out).

2 Note that drop-in children (those without set schedules) must be logged in by a staff member via the Staff (Child Sign In) section of the kiosk. This ensures that staff are aware of any changes to the anticipated staff/child ratio.


3 If there are notifications for that parent, the system will display a message and the notifications button.

4 When the parent clicks the Notifications button, their message is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

3.b.  Signing In & Out – Staff (Child Sign In)


Staff members can use the kiosk to sign children in or out. This might be required for after-school programs, for drop-ins, or if the child is being released to an adult who does not have a PIN.

1 After entering their PIN and clicking ‘Sign In’, staff members must determine how they want to select children to be signed in or out. There are three options:

All Active: Displays all active children as of today’s date. This is useful when signing in a single child.

School: Displays a list of children who attend a specified school. This is useful when signing in afterschool children.

Classroom: Displays a list of children assigned to a specified classroom. This is useful when signing children in after a field trip.

2 Based on the first selection, a second dropdown box will appear with a list of children, schools, or classrooms for staff to choose from. The system will then display a list of all relevant children, based on the selection.


 3 The staff member can select the children they want to sign in or out from the list.

4 Once the correct children are selected, the staff person can sign them in or out. It is important that staff members click ‘Cancel’ after they are finished. This will ensure no one else signs children in or out using their PIN.

3.c. Signing In & Out – Staff Time Clock


1 When staff members clock in and out, the system automatically displays all their sign in and out times for the day. This enables them to keep track of their hours.

2 If staff sign in and out multiple times in a day, they must be signed out before they can sign in again. If they forgot to sign out they will either need to sign out then sign in immediately, or get an authorized staff member to enter their actual sign out time.

4. Attendance Log

The Attendance Log displays a list of all sign in/out records for a specific date or date range.

The Attendance Log cannot be viewed via the Kiosk; you need to log into ChildWare and access the Log from the Attendance/Meals section of the main menu.


1 By default, the Attendance Log will display sign in/out times for the current date. You can choose to filter for other dates if needed.

2  The Log will display all sign-in and sign-out records for the date or date range specified. You can filter this list to see just the records you want.


3 The child sign in/out record indicates who signed the child in.

4 Sign in/out records will be marked with an asterisk if they have been edited by a user.     

4.a. Editing or Adding to the Attendance Log


1 From the main Attendance Log screen, you can edit any entry by clicking ‘Select’ beside the record you want to change.

2 You can also click “Add Sign In/Out to add a new entry.

In both cases, the Sign In/Out screen will appear.


3 Any date or time edits will be displayed in red. If you are adding a new attendance record, all date and time fields will be in red.

4 You can add a note explaining why the edit was made.


The bottom of the Sign In/Out record displays information about the record’s creation and any edits.

5 The system records when and how the record was first created. ‘Kisok’ means it was created by someone signing in at the Attendance Kiosk. If the record was created on the Attendance Log, the name of the user creating the record would show up here.

6 The system also has a log of changes made to the sign in/out record, including the old and new values, the time of the change, and the person making the change.

5. Attendance & Meal Roster


1 Sites using the Attendance Kiosk will no longer have to manually create weekly Attendance & Meal Rosters. These will be automatically created the first time the Kiosk is used each week. Weekly Attendance & Meal Rosters will be populated with information based on Kiosk activity.


2 If a child is scheduled to attend (according to their active service profile) but is not signed in or out for the day, he or she will be marked as absent and no meals will be recorded.

3 If a child is signed in for the day he/she will be marked as present and those meals that were served during the child’s time in/out period will be checked off. If the child signs in or out before or after a meal is served, that meal will automatically be unchecked. (Meal times are programmed on the Site record and can be updated at any time.)

The Attendance and Meal Roster can be still edited directly. However, changes made on this screen will not be recorded in the Attendance Log. This may or may not be a problem depending on your center’s protocols.


4 A read-only version of the daily Attendance Log is displayed at the bottom of the page for your reference.

5 To see sign in/out records for a specific day, click on that day in the grid above.

6. Attendance & Time Tracker Reports

ChildWare includes several reports  that are specific to the Attendance & Time Tracker.


1 All Attendance & Time Tracker reports are available under “Attendance/Meal Reports” on the main Reports/Documents page.

6.a. Pin List by Child


6.b. Pin List by Contact


6.c. Pin List by Staff


6.d. Staff Attendance Summary


6.e. Staff Attendance Detail


6.f. Real Time Attendance Report


This is a daily report so you will need to filter by day. The system will default to the current date. The report shows each classroom on a new page. Both children and staff are grouped by those scheduled and present and those scheduled but absent. Expected and actual times in and out are also displayed.