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Discharging a Child

To discharge a child, go to the Child Data screen and select the child’s record you would like to discharge.

select child

At the bottom of the Main tab is the Referral/Enrollment History grid, which displays all referral/enrollment records for the child. Click ‘Select’ for the record you would like to discharge.

discharge_enrollment history

The Referral/Enrollment screen includes recruitment, intake and Head Start enrollment details, as well as including an area to record discharges or transfers. To discharge a child, begin by recording a discharge date. The ‘Reason’ drop-down includes a robust list of potential reasons for discharge to choose from, and you may also want to record additional information in the Notes field to describe the reason or circumstance for the discharge.

discharge info

Next, press ‘OK’ at the top of this screen.  You will be redirected to the child’s Main tab, where the discharge date and reason that were just saved now appear in the Referral/Enrollment History grid.

discharge grid

When a child has been successfully discharged, his/her name will no longer be included in the list of active children on the Child Data screen. To view any discharged children, click on the ‘View or Search by’ menu and select ‘discharged’ to filter the search results.

Note: if a discharge date is in the future, the child will be listed in the ‘active’ list until the discharge date.

view by discharged