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Reenrolling a Child

To reenroll a child who has been discharged, find the child via the View or Search by filter in the Child Data screen. Press ‘Select’ next to the child’s name.

search for discharged child

At the bottom of the Main tab on the child’s record, in the Referral/Enrollment History grid, click ‘Add Referral/Enrollment’.

add referral button

In the Referral/Enrollment Add screen you can enter important referral information for the new enrollment record, along with a status for the record and an enrollment date. If the child is not yet reenrolling, you can add a referral date only and mark the child as pending, interested, waitlist or waitlist (Head Start). You can return to this record and add an enrollment date at a later time.

Click ‘OK’ to save.

referral enrollment details

When you return to the child’s Main tab, you will see the new enrollment record in the Referral/Enrollment History grid. You should review the newly-created service profile for the reenrolling child as the new profile is simply a copy of the last profile on file for the child. To make changes to a service profile, click ‘Select’ next to the new enrollment record. The service profile is listed at the bottom of the screen.

Note: you can also access the Service Profile from the Services tab.

second enrollment record

If any aspect of the service profile has changed, such as schedule, care type or parent copay amount, click ‘Select’ for the service profile to edit these details.

reviewing service profile_1

review service profile_2When you have completed your changes, click ‘OK’ at the top of the screen. Any changes to the service profile will apply to the new enrollment record, and this child will now appear in the list of ‘active’ children in the Child Data screen.

Congratulations on successfully reenrolling a returning child!