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Staff PD-Training

The PD-Training tab in the Staff record houses professional development and training records for employees. The tab summarizes data into three areas: Basic Training, Training Hours in the Past Year and All Training Received.

The Basic Training  section displays most recent date and expiration date of state required trainings like CPR, Mandated Reporter and First Aid, as well as Act 48 PPID (Professional Personnel ID).

The Training Hours in Past Year section presents hours received towards DHS, PQAS, Act 48 trainings in addition to PA Stars-specific specialty areas within the last 365 days. This display updates daily.

Training records are added to the All Trainings Received grid by clicking the ‘Add Staff Training’ button.

PD training tabDetails, such as the date, title of training, instructor, type, hours, can be captured for each training. Be sure to select the correct training type, as this designation is important for accurate reporting for Keystone Stars and DHS regulations. For Keystone Stars-relevant training, users can indicate if this training counts towards PQAS (Pennsylvania Quality Assurance System) credit, the knowledge area, competency level and topic codes.

adding new training

Click ‘OK’ to save. Saved trainings display in the All Trainings Received grid, while the Basic Training section enables users to understand when required trainings expire.

As with required staff clearances, it is helpful to set up your To Do list to receive notifications for staff whose basic trainings are approaching their expiration date or have expired.

saved trainings

Staff Credentials

The Credentials tab enables agencies to record credentials, PA Keys career lattice levels and ECE credits for each staff member. The number of years of ECE experience is calculated based on the years of experience at hire (on the Hiring tab) and the staff member’s current employment history.

credentials tab

To record a credential for a staff member, click the ‘Add Credential’ button. Based on the credential type selected, credential-specific fields appear, such as license type, date enrolled, date awarded and expiration date.

add credential

The Career Lattice/ECE Credits grid is tailored to the PA Keys to Quality Early Learning Career Lattice, which provides a roadmap for early childhood practitioners as they plan the credentials and degrees needed to obtain the early childhood position they desire.

To add a new career lattice/ECE credit verification record, click the ‘Add Career Lattice/ECE Credit’ button.  Lattice level, ECE Credits and information on the person, agency and date of verification can be recorded here. Click ‘OK’ to save. You can verify career lattice level and ECE credits separately or together. If you are reverifying ECE credits, list the complete number of credits earned, as reporting will look at the most recent verification on file and not the total.

career lattice