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The Administration or ‘Admin’ tab¬†includes important date and corresponding data associated with mandatory paperwork such as media release, consent or emergency contact forms. Because the system is designed to track Pennsylvania state regulations, you can run reports and To Do List processing to find out which children need updated paperwork prior to your next DHS inspection. Click here to learn more about setting up your To Do List.

admin tabAttachments are represented with the blue and white document icon. If you subscribe to ChildWare PLUS, you can add PDF attachments.

attachment iconsIf the attachment icon is white with a blue outline, there is no document attached; if the attachment icon is all blue, a document has been uploaded. Click on the attachment icon to view the uploaded file.

To  attach a corresponding documentation in the Admin tab (or anywhere within ChildWare), click on the attachment icon and select the file that you would like to upload.

document upload_1

document upload_2When you are ready to save the attachment, click ‘OK’ at the top of the screen.

saving uploaded documentNow, you will be brought to back to the Admin tab where the attachment icon for the selected document is now blue to show that a file has been uploaded.

saved document attachment icon