Why Isn’t ChildWare Working in Internet Explorer?

The most recent version of Internet Explorer, IE11, has a few quirks that may make it seem like you can’t access your data in ChildWare. The most common problem is that clicking ‘Select’ in grids does not work. Additionally, drop-down lists and other fields may appear wonky.

Never fear! Follow these simple steps to ensure you have complete access to your files.

How do I know what browser I’m using?

You can tell based on the icon. These are the icons for the four of the most commonly used browsers:

ie firefox safari chrome
Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Safari (Apple) Google Chrome


How do I know which version of Internet Explorer I’m using?


Open Internet Explorer.

1 Click the tools menu

2 Click “About Internet Explorer”; a pop-up window will appear showing you what version of IE you have.



So now we’ve established that I have IE 11, what do I do?

3 Select ‘Tools’ from the Menu Bar. If you do not see a Menu bar, right click on the top of the window and select ‘Menu bar’ to make it visible.

4 Select ‘Compatibility View settings.’ A new screen will pop up.

5 Add phmc.org to the list of websites to be displayed in Compatibility View.

6 Click ‘Close’ to save. Close and re-open Internet Explorer and you should be able to access ChildWare normally.

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